The Catty Shack Vac is a patented drying system created originally for use in a cat grooming salon. Danelle German, owner of The Catty Shack, Ltd, founder and president of the National Cat Groomers Institute, and inventor of Chubbs Bars pet shampoo developed the CSV for use in her salon in 2001. Her husband, Mike, built the first prototype, and later commissioned the manufacturing to a company specializing in the use of industrial-grade steel parts.

A few modifications have been made to the original CSV design over the years in order to make it more user-friendly and accommodating to the special needs required when drying cats.

The primary purpose of the CSV……

Originally the primary purpose of the Catty Shack Vac was to eliminate the loose hair flying around in the salon environment while drying any breed of cat. Danelle was tired of cat hair in her eyes, in her mouth, and clinging to the clothes of her clients when they stopped in to drop off or pick up  their cat. In an effort to eradicate this problem, the CSV was designed. Not only did it initially solve the flying cat hair problem, but it also created a much easier handling situation when working with difficult or scared cats. In addition, the entire drying process required 30-40% less time because the air movement of both the dryer and vacuum was contained inside the box.

Benefits of the CSV